“There to Here: Sponsored Spouses’ Journeys”

The Migrant Mothers Project is currently conducting a study titled, “There to Here: Sponsored Spouses’ Journeys” as part of our ongoing research on ‘How Conditional Settlement Impacts Immigrant Women’. We are gathering stories from people who recently moved to Canada as a sponsored spouse, to understand their experiences getting settled and any challenges they may be […]

Migrant Mothers Project Welcomes Repeal of Conditional Permanent Residence

The Migrant Mothers Project (MMP) welcomes the announcement that the Canadian government has repealed Conditional Permanent Residence (CPR) for sponsored spouses and partners in its entirety. Since 2013, MMP and our community partners have worked to document the impact that conditional settlement policies have on the safety of migrant women. We have brought our research […]

Immigration Policy Developments to Watch in 2017

As we head into a new calendar year, here are a few immigration policies we’re watching out for in the Migrant Mothers Project: 1) A new lottery system has was introduced this week to select 10,000 parent/grandparent sponsorship applications (among the many more that will likely be submitted through IRCC’s new online system). Previously, IRCC […]

Migrant Mothers Project Addresses House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration

On November 1, 2016, Rupaleem Bhuyan (MMP’s principal investigator) and a youth (daughter of a live-in caregiver) addressed the House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration to speak on the topic of Family Reunification. Each drawing from their experiences, they linked recent changes in immigration policies that have eroded access to family reunification […]

Caregivers’ Journeys – Project Launch

On Sunday June 26, 2016, the Migrant Mothers Project will be launching a new study called Caregivers’ Journeys to investigate the impact that recent changes to Canada’s Caregiver Program have on access to permanent residency and family reunification. This study is a collaboration with the Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary and is supported by a Research […]

Letter to Minister John McCallum – PR Applications Processing Times

Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office is circulating a letter asking the government to make the processing  of PR applications of Caregivers a priority. The long processing times of Caregivers’ PR applications  increase the precariousness of their immigration status in Canada, prolong family separation and can potentially have negative health impacts. Click here to read and sign the letter: http://goo.gl/forms/oDUyU1rS0e  

A Call to Repeal Conditional PR

The Migrant Mothers Project is circulating a letter to call for the Repeal of Conditional Permanent Residence for newly sponsored spouses and partners. Our letter, addressed to the new Minister of Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada, John McCallum, calls for a thorough examination of policies and practices that are creating longer periods of uncertainty for […]

New study to look at “How Conditional Settlement Impacts Immigrant Women”

This spring, 2015, the Migrant Mothers Project is launching a new three-year study that will examine “How conditional settlement impacts immigrant women”. This study builds upon previous research conducted by the Migrant Mothers Project and aims to inform the development of programs, policies and advocacy strategies to support immigrant women. With the rising concern for economic and social […]

MMP Report & Digital Stories Release

The Migrant Mothers Project (MMP) is pleased to release Unprotected, Unrecognized: Canadian Immigration Policy and Violence Against Women, 2008-2013 a report that examines how recent changes in immigration policy are negatively impacting immigrant women. The MMP is also launching, Till Immigration Tears Us Apart: Stories of Strength through Struggle, a collection of digital stories by migrant women and their advocates. The Migrant Mothers […]

Constant State of Change

During the past two weeks, there have been several major shifts and changes in Canadian immigration policy. The Migrant Mothers Project team is still making sense of these changes, but wanted to illustrate some of the policies here at this time. Changes to the Live-In-Caregiver Program The long anticipated changes to the Live-in-Caregiver program were […]