Caregivers’ Journeys

Caregivers’ Journeys is a research partnership between the Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary, The University of Calgary and the University of Toronto focused on the experiences of caregivers in Canada.

Research Objectives
  • To explore how immigration status shapes how people working in the Caregiver program negotiate rights for themselves and their children;
  • To hear how women talk about their immigration experience with conditionality and any concerns they have accessing permanent residence;
  • To identify strategies for social action to improve access to services and inform policies that protect the dignity and rights of all immigrants in Canada.
Ways to participate
  • Anonymous facilitated group conversations at the community forum
  • Individual interviews (with a peer researcher or a member of the research team)
  • Group interviews
Criteria for Participation
  • People who entered Canada through the Caregiver Program (previously called the Live-in-Caregiver program.
    • May include women and men
    • May include people with different nationalities
  • “Caregivers” who have a precarious immigration status:
    • Working on a Caregiver visa
    • Has a visa, but looking for an employer or waiting for a Labour Market Impact Assessment to be processed;
    • Is eligible for or has applied for permanent residence (waiting for application to be processed)
    • Recently received permanent residence (within the past six months)
    • No longer has a valid visa or is non-status
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