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“There to Here: Sponsored Spouses’ Journeys”

This summer, the Migrant Mothers Project launched a new study titled, “There to Here: Sponsored Spouses’ Journeys” as part of our ongoing research on ‘How Conditional Settlement Impacts Immigrant Women’. Through this study we hope to hear from people who recently moved to Canada as a sponsored spouse, to understand their experiences getting settled and any challenges they may be facing related to their immigration status.

Oct 5 2017- SP SP Flyer

Our study falls on the heels of a major policy change in April 2017, when the Canadian Government repealed the Conditional Permanent Residence requirement for newly sponsored spouses and partners. The Migrant Mothers Project worked with advocacy groups around the country to repeal this policy due to the hardships the conditions caused for immigrants, especially those who were trapped in abusive relationships with their sponsor.

This fall, we are inviting immigrants who came to Canada as a sponsored spouse or partner to share stories of their migration and sponsorship experiences as part of our research. We are recruiting people live in Toronto or Calgary, who immigrated after 2012 from South Asia (i.e. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives), and who were in a newer relationship with their spouse at the time of migration. We especially hope to talk with people who were initially granted “conditional permanent resident status” when they first arrived.

Interviews will be one-on-one and completely voluntary. Our researchers can converse in English, Urdu or Hindi and meet with folks at a location that is convenient to them.

At the end of our study, we hope to inform the improvement of settlement services for immigrants and support advocacy for immigrants to access safety in cases where they are abused or neglected by their sponsor.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our study at 416-946-5099 or email us at

For more information on the Canadian Government’s decision to repeal the Conditional Permanent Residence requirement, the Ontario Women’s Justice Network has recently distributed an article sharing important information regarding what the repeal may mean for sponsored spouses: